[LYRICS] Fate/Zero OP2 Single – to the beginning

20 04 2012

Track List
1. to the beginning
2. 満天 (Manten)
3. to the beginning ~instrumental~ / to the beginning ~TV size~

Yay, Kalafina! I don’t really like this single much compared to their other ones, but I’m sure we’ll still be getting a lot of good stuff from them in the future.
Two versions of the CD come with the instrumental version of to the beginning (limited edition), and one version comes with the TV size (anime art cover).
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[LYRICS] Fate/Zero OP Single – oath sign

20 11 2011

Track List
01. oath sign
02. confidence driver
03. ナミダ流星群 (Namida Ryuuseigun)
04. oath sign -TV ver.-

Nice single by LiSA.
I didn’t like Saber in F/SN, but she is pretty damn awesome in F/Z.
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[LYRICS] Fate/Zero ED Single – MEMORIA

19 10 2011

Track List
02. Back To Zero
03. white world
04. MEMORIA (TV-Anime Size)

This ED gives off a pretty good F/SN feel (gives me Kirameku Namida wa Hoshi ni vibes). My favourite track would actually be white world; a soothing follow-up to the loudness of MEMORIA and the noisiness of Back To Zero.
Fate/Zero is great.
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