[LYRICS] Guilty Crown ED Single – Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~

27 11 2011

Track List
1. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (Departures ~Anata ni Okuru Ai no Uta~)
2. エウテルペ (Euterpe)
3. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit)
4. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Remix -meteoric rain-
5. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ -Instrumental-
6. エウテルペ -Instrumental-
7. Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~ (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Euterpe is the song that Inori sings in the anime. It matches her character pretty well even though it’s not sung by her seiyuu. Anyway, chelly’s vocals are way better than Koweda’s.
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[LYRICS] Guilty Crown OP Single – My Dearest

23 11 2011

Track List
01. My Dearest
02. 罪人 (Zainin)
03. 大貧民 (Daihinmin)
04. My Dearest (TV Edit)
05. My Dearest -Instrumental-
06. 罪人 -Instrumental-
07. 大貧民 -Instrumental-
08. My Dearest (TV Edit) -Instrumental-

Track 2 could also be pronounced “Tsumibito”.
I hope supercell goes back to nagi for vocals after this, or at least someone better than Koweda. This single was really disappointing, and the different styles in the other tracks only make it more obvious how much better nagi is at everything.
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