[LYRICS] Halozy – Tonic Triangle

19 01 2012

Track List
01. Tonic Triangle
02. Shining / STREAM
03. 恋のセレナーデ (Koi no Serenade)
04. Paranoid Lost
05. 君風 (Kimikaze)
06. 物凄いあややがぶっちゃけ物凄いうた (Monosugoi Ayaya ga Bucchake Monosugoi Uta)
07. 路側帯レアリスム (Rosokutai Realism)
08. SAKURA:Sound
09. 錯錯乱乱 (Sakusaku Ranran)
10. 49-7

Slow as usual~
Pretty good album from Halozy. There isn’t anything outright amazing, but Paranoid Lost is definitely my favourite track. 49-7 is very reminiscent of Subarashii ‘0’ from Starry Presto.
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Aqua Trytone

5 10 2011

Track List
01. Aqua Trytone
02. 感傷の摩天楼 (Kanshou no Matenrou)
03. アマテラスカイ (Ama Terror Skry)
04. 君といた世界 (Kimi to Ita Sekai)
05. 砂の星 (Suna no Hoshi)
06. 恋花火 (Koi Hanabi)
07. 物凄いライヴでチルノがそこはかとなく物凄いうた (Monosugoi Live de Cirno ga Soko Haka to Naku Monosugoi Uta)
08. T.R.Y Revolution
09. 宴騒会への超待状 (Ensoukai he no Choutaijou)
10. 空飛ぶライカ (Sora Tobu Leica)

Halozy’s C80 album. This post has been done for ages, rofl. Never got around to listening through the whole album until just now. One of Halozy’s better albums; I can’t find anything about the vocals to complain about. Hotaru has slowly been growing on me over the past couple of years and she’s almost at 3L-tier now. Needless to say, her two songs here are great (Kanshou no Katenrou in particular is a great intro song), and I really like Koi Hanabi too. Track 7 is the usual nonsense that you would expect from Cirno + Nanahira.

Sadly this post isn’t going to help my tag cloud recover. orz
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Starry Presto

22 06 2011

Track List
01. Starry Presto
02. きゅんきゅんたまらんいなばたん。 (Kyun Kyun Tamaran Inaba-tan)
03. 蛙時雨 (Kaeru Shigure)
04. モザイクディスコ (Mosaic Disco)
05. 置き傘 (Okigasa)
06. 物凄い勢いでけーねが物凄いうた (Monosugoi Ikioide Keine ga Monosugoi Uta)
07. シークレットシスターコンプレックス (Secret Sister Complex)
08. Deconstruction Star
09. 素晴らしい ‘0’ (Subarashii ‘0’)
10. Sugar Sugar Dream
11. perfect wind
12. 飴色の空、帰り道 (Ameiro no Sora, Kaerimichi)

Halozy’s third album (C77). Halozy discography complete! …until C80, at least. I think I’ll finish off Syrufit next.
The first stanza of Subarashii ‘0’ was a pain. I still don’t know what to put for +-+- so I went with “tashihiki” which was the closest thing I could come up with (the song itself is great though). Ameiro no Sora, Kaerimichi was missing two lines which I transcribed myself.
I don’t think リツカ is suited for upbeat songs like Secret Sister Complex, lol.
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Crescendo Planet

18 06 2011

Track List
01. Crescendo 「<」
02. 午前零時の月階段 (Gozen Reiji no Tsuki Kaidan)
03. カレイドスクープ (Kaleidoscoop)
04. ビューティフル・スカイ (Beautiful Sky)
05. 遊泳禁止の貴方への愛と夏の海 (Yuuei Kinshi no Anata he no Ai to Natsu no Umi)
06. リトル★サマーパーティー (Little★Summer Party)
07. サヨナラネクライズ (Sayonara Necrolize)
08. Take to LIH is you
09. 華蓮獄 -Un:Flowering:Night- (Karengoku -Un:Flowering:Night-)
10. see you, my little moon
11. 雨のちマスタースパーク (Ame Nochi Master Spark)
12. 拝啓 B型のきみへ (Haikei B Gata no Kimi he)
13. いつか降る雨、桜 (Itsuka Furu Ame, Sakura)

Halozy’s second album (C76). Their first touhou arrange album.
Cryu’s voice in see you, my little moon is really nice, but there aren’t many lyrics to it.

Track 2 – Title combines “kaleidoscope” and “scoop” (it is an Aya theme, after all).
Track 7 – Title combines the “neku” from Yukari’s Necro-fantasia with what I assume is the suffix “-ize” (e.g. crystallize) with an “r” at the front because that’s the next letter in the word. Changed the “r” to an “l” for the sake of making it look okay in english, so it is now Necrolize. Well, it’s either that or a combination of ‘neku’ and the english word ‘rise’, but I have no idea how I would combine those.
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[LYRICS] Halozy – H -Heart and Beat Technology-

14 03 2011

Track List
01. H ~Heart and Beat Technology~
02. 夏影 (Summer Lights Mix) (Natsukage (Summer Lights Mix))
03. メグメル (Cuckool Mix 2009) (Megumeru (Cuckool Mix 2009))
04. 時を刻む唄 (Toki wo Kizamu Uta)
05. Your Eyes (Club Mix)
06. Re-sublimity
07. アンインストール (Uninstall)
08. Little Busters!
09. 寝・逃・げでリセット! (Nenige de Reset!)
10. You (in the House)
11. 奈落の花 (Naraku no Hana)
12. Drop in the Ocean

Reitaisai 8 has been suspended due to the earthquake. ):
In the meantime, a change of pace. Halozy’s first album, a collection of anime remixes. Contains familiar vocalists singing familiar songs, as well as a few Vocaloid tracks. nayuta’s voice is gorgeous as always. Nachi’s cover of Little Busters! is kinda disappointing IMO.
Most lyrics were taken from their original source’s booklet, but Your Eyes‘ lyrics were copied from Nico. No lyrics for Drop in the Ocean because I couldn’t decipher the engrish, sorry.
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Cosmic Armonica

25 02 2011

Track List
01. Cosmic Armonica
02. FAntAsIc ImpROmptE
03. call for…
04. 遥か、遠く、君へ (Haruka, Tooku, Kimi he)
05. Heart of Night
06. Dut ~うさぎとびすてっぷ~ (Dut ~Usagi to Bisuteppu~)
07. ブンブン☆シャッターチャンス (Bunbun ☆ Shutter Chance)
08. まるばつ小径 (Marubatsu Shoukei)
09. 源流懐古 (Genryuu Kaiko)
10. constant trip

Halozy’s C79 album!
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Ultimate Synthesis

16 10 2010

Track List
01. Confined Space
02. eliminate anthem
03. ハルコイ! (Harukoi!)
04. 生を托すも舟に渡すも底抜けな虎
 (Sei wo Takusu mo Fune ni Watasu mo Sokonuke na Tora)

05. dialogue
06. 黒翼ト冷雨 (Kuro Tsubasa to Reiu)
07. 物凄い狂っとるフランちゃんが物凄いうた
 (Monosugoi Kuruttoru Flan-chan ga Monosugoi Uta)

08. 鬼哭慟哭地獄楽 (Kikoku Doukoku Jigokuraku)
09. サイバネティックス・リズム (Cybernetics Rhythm)
10. クリスタル・スノー (Live Version) (Crystal Snow (Live Version))

This album is awesome~ my favourite would probably be track 4. Track 7 is really fun. Longer the name the better? w
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