[LYRICS] Hanamaru Youchien Best Album – childhood memories

9 05 2010

Track List
1. 笑顔ならべて (Egao Narabete)
2. キグルミ惑星 (Kigurumi Wakusei)
3. 草の指輪 花の冠 (Kusa no Yubiwa Hana no Kanmuri)
4. 発動!! らぶビーム (Hatsudou!! Love Beam)
5. あのねきいてね (Ano ne Kiite ne)
6. ハートの法則 (Heart no Housoku)
7. 黒ネコのジャズ (Kuroneko no Jazz)
8. 撫子ロマンス (Nadeshiko Romance)
9. 黒糖ドロップ (Kokutou Drop)
10. 僕の忘れもの (Boku no Wasuremono)
11. Yes, We Can!!
12. せかいでいちばん (Sekai de Ichiban)
13. 優しい陽だまり (Yasashii Hidamari)
14. ぱんだねこ体操 みんなで一緒 ver. (Panda Neko Taisou Minna de Issho ver.)
15. 青空トライアングル TV-SIZE (Aozora Triangle TV-SIZE)

This is Disc 1, the ED collection, which also doubles as a character song collection. :D
Disc 2 is the OST, so won’t be included here. Also, the lyric scans are in different colours so I used them here too because it makes long posts more interesting.

I love Satsuki, Hinagiku, and Hii-chan. <3
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[LYRICS] Hanamaru Youchien OP Single – Aozora Triangle

30 01 2010

Track List
1. 青空トライアングル (Aozora Triangle)
2. ぱんだねこ体操 (Panda Neko Taisou)
3. 青空トライアングル off vocal ver.
4. ぱんだねこ体操 off vocal ver.

I think Hanamaru Youchien is the most underwatched anime this season.
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Winter ’10 stuff part 1

24 01 2010

So I wanted to post more lyrics but then I didn’t want to waste post #100, so… yeah. I gave up on episode blogging after one episode of one series. Decided it was easier to just cram everything together~

So, in no particular alphabetical order, the stuff I’ve started so far:
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