[LYRICS] Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth OP Single – Bokura, Kakeyuku Sora he

28 09 2011

Track List
1. 僕ら、駆け行く空へ (Bokura, Kakeyuku Sora he)
2. Forever Star
3. 僕ら、駆け行く空へ (Instrumental)
4. Forever Star (Instrumental)

Fiiiiiinally getting around to these. I caught up with the manga a while ago but then I fell behind again and now I don’t know who Ruka is. orz
Yamazaki Haruka is a pretty good singer; I like Forever Star a lot. Looking forward to hearing more from her.
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[LYRICS] Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Insert Song Single – Invisible Message

28 09 2011

Track List
01. Invisible Message
02. 忘れない記憶は、キミの物語 (Wasurenai Kioku ha, Kimi no Monogatari)
03. Invisible Message [Instrumental]
04. 忘れない記憶は、キミの物語 [Instrumental]

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[LYRICS] Hayate no Gotoku! Heaven is a Place on Earth Theme Song Single

28 08 2011

Track List
1. Heaven is a Place on Earth
2. The end of summer
3. Heaven is a Place on Earth “instrumental”
4. The end of summer “instrumental”

Can’t wait for the movie.
More touhou will come when I stop getting distracted by Eien no Aselia (it will be a long wait).
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Vector – Sanzen’in Nagi

9 11 2009

I feel like a lolicon
I think I’m addicted to using gradients on hair.

This is from Nagi’s 2nd char CD, click for full size, etc.

I feel a need to fill up this empty space next to it.

Oh hey, Kobato. OP single is coming soon. JELLYFISH NO KOKUHAKU WHY SO FAR AWAY

ISML nominations are slowly arriving. Mine? Alice Carroll, Kirisame Marisa orz, Ranka Lee, Amamiya Yuuko, Felli Loss, Isayama Yomi, Konjiki no Yami, Asagami Fujino, Asakura Ryouko, and Miyako (Hidamari Sketch).

Vector – Katsura Hinagiku

31 10 2009

amanojaku ni I miss YouIt just occurred to me that I could post these here as well, lol.

I know I know, it’s not a ‘true’ vector since my pen tool skills aren’t particularly amazing, and I use a gradient every now and then, but, you’d only ever have to resize it down for a wallpaper or something, right? Unless resolutions are at 5000px now…

Anyway, as if I need to mention this, but this is from Hina’s second character song CD (I miss You ftw). Lyrics are here. Hina is lovely. Hina is adorable. Hina is captivating. Hina is perfect.

In case you haven’t noticed, click on the thumbnail for the full version. WordPress resizes it pretty badly; it’s smoother than that, I swear.

Some previous ones I’ve done:
pure pure pare-do
This one’s Taiga. I remember I did this one because the scan quality was absolutely terrible. It’s the first one I ever completed fully, so it’s pretty basic. Nothing special here.

auau hauu hauu auau auu-wa hauau!Hanyuu and Rika. You can never have too much loli~
I did this vector because it was cute. Why else?

lun lun lun la la lun lun lun~
Hina, Nagi, and Hayate. Did this one just for fun, lol. I don’t think it’s usable for anything. Nagi’s got a fang in this one!

ah! pretty shining love! yay! it's unbelievable!
Kannagi girls. Man, Kannagi was a really good show. Season 2 do want; the OVA wasn’t enough because the only subs out there were crappy.

tsuntsun dere tsunuhm.. megane?typical moe loli

Asu no Yoichi. I was going to do Ibuki as well to make it a full set, but just one look at the long hair flowing everywhere was enough to make me want to avoid suffering orz

Japan Saimoe ’09 – Semifinals

14 10 2009

Kyaputen banzai~image source

My top 4 rankings: Taiga > Mihoko > Nodoka > Yui
Taiga’s been one of my favourites this entire tournament, and I love Mihoko too. Couldn’t care less about Nodoka and Yui, but whatever. I was going to put Taiga as the image here, but I think she’s got what it takes to move on to the final match, so I’m letting Mihoko have this one.
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Japan Saimoe ’09 – Top 8

8 10 2009

You really shouldn't say no to the Koromo. Image source.

We’re finally down to the top eight.
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