[LYRICS] Gokujo. OP/ED Single – Gokujo. no Jouken ♡

27 02 2012

Track List
1. ゴクジョッ。のジョーケン♡ (Gokujo. no Jouken ♡)
2. 極 女おーゔぁーどらいぶ (Goku Jo Overdrive)
3. ゴクジョッ。のジョーケン♡ (inst)
4. 極 女おーゔぁーどらいぶ (inst)

As requested. Haven’t started watching this show either, so all I can say is that they should’ve gotten Kuribayashi Minami to voice Kuribayashi Minami. w
Also the font in the booklet was really hard to read, especially with all of the katakana everywhere.
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! Interval 1

3 11 2011

Track List
1. オーディオドラマ第1話 前編 (Audio Drama Episode 1 – Part 1)
2. まほーの「まっ!」 (Maho― no “Ma-!”)
3. オーディオドラマ第1話 後編 (Audio Drama Episode 1 – Part 2)
4. 夕暮れ飛行船 (Yuugure Hikousen)

Interval 2 isn’t out yet, so I guess I’m caught up for now. Still waiting for an Aoi song…
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[LYRICS] RO-KYU-BU! – pure elements

3 11 2011

Track List
1. ギンギラ☆エール (Gingira☆Yell)
3. フリースローなLOVEにしてくれっ (Free Throw na LOVE ni Shite Kure-)
4. ね、コンビニでアイス買ってこ。 (Ne, Konbini de Ice Katteko.)
5. ギャオす!!!!! (Gyaos!!!!!)
6. だいすき♡コネクション (Daisuki♡Connection)
7. 空想ドラマちっくガール (Kuusou Dramatic Girl)
8. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Album ver.) (Party Love ~Okkiku Naritai~ (Album ver.))
9. You&I
10. RO-KYU-BU!

Oh right, there’s this album too. Making the most out of a good seiyuu cast.
Wasn’t sure whether or not to tag this as an anime post since it doesn’t seem to have any relation to the RKB anime itself, but the group is named after it, so…
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! Character Songs 03 – Nagatsuka Saki

2 11 2011

Track List
1. Canペキしなきゃ! (Canpeki Shinakya!)
2. SHOOT! -No.6 MIX-
3. 紗季のひめごと「汗と汗とか……」 (Saki no Himegoto “Ase to Ase toka……”)
4. Canペキしなきゃ! (Instrumental)
5. SHOOT! -No.6 MIX- (Instrumental)

Hikasa Youko :D
This is actually a pretty unexpected role for her.
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! OP/ED Single – SHOOT!

1 11 2011

Track List
2. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Party Love ~Okkiku Naritai~)
3. SHOOT! (Instrumental)
4. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Instrumental)

The RKB character songs were requested, so starting off with the OP/ED single. The usual cutesy stuff; RKB has a good cast so the songs are pretty decent. There’s 5 character songs in total; one for each member of the basketball team… my favourite character in the show was Aoi so it kinda sucks that she doesn’t get one.
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! Character Song Single – Watashi dake wo Mite (Amahara Kiyono)

19 03 2010

Track List
1. 私だけを見て (Watashi dake wo Mite)
2. Shy Girls -Amahara Kiyono ver.-)
3. 女の子の本音-天原清乃編- (Onna no Ko no Honne -Amahara Kiyono-hen-)
4. 私だけを見て -off vocal ver.-

As expected from Hikasa Yoko, these songs sound just like Mio. Not that I’m complaining~
Finally done these character songs, now to make my way through the rest of my queue… think I’ll do Kobato. OST next, because Kobato’s song is pretty~
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[LYRICS] Chu-Bra!! ED Single – Shy Girls

17 02 2010

Track List
1. Shy Girls
2. We Know
3. Shy Girls -off vocal ver.-
4. We Know -off vocal ver.-

Double release! Most of the stuff I could say is already in the Choose Bright!! post, lol.
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