[LYRICS] Dog Days Vol.6 Special CD

11 01 2012

Track List
1. Miracle Colors
2. メッセージ・フロム・ビスコッティ (Message from Biscotti)
3. Miracle Colors (Off Vocal Version)

As requested. There were no lyrics anywhere, so I transcribed it by ear.
I made a mistake on the previous Dog Days post – it should be Vol. 5, not Vol. 4. It has now been fixed.
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[LYRICS] Dog Days Vol.5 Special CD

1 12 2011

Track List
1. Promised Love ~ダイスキ×100~ (Promised Love ~Daisuki ×100~)
2. 姫様ふたり (Himesama Futari)
3. Promised Love ~ダイスキ×100~ (Off Vocal Version)

As requested.
Lyrics courtesy of Nicovideo again. Hocchan <3
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[LYRICS] Mawaru Penguindrum ED Single – DEAR FUTURE

16 09 2011

Track List
02. DEAR FUTURE by Shinobu Narita (URBAN DANCE)
03. DEAR FUTURE by Ringo Deathstarr
04. DEAR FUTURE remix by DJ JIMIHENDRIXXX (a.k.a. Keiichiro Shibuya) feat. Yui Horie
06. DEAR FUTURE remix by kensuke ushio (agraph)
07. DEAR FUTURE by WATCHMAN feat. Yui Horie

Not as good as the OP, but still pretty catchy. Hocchan version (track 7; track 4 isn’t the full vocals of the song) is nice but feels like it’s missing a lot of the mood.
Some tracks use the Japanese lyrics and some use the English lyrics (fairly decent translation of the Japanese but with some changes to fit length requirements).

Penguindrum is a good show.
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[LYRICS] Dog Days Vol.2 Special CD

7 09 2011

Track List
1. きっと恋をしている (Kitto Koi wo Shiteiru)
2. リコと眠ろう (Rico to Nemurou)
3. きっと恋をしている (Off Vocal Version)

As requested. Millhi’s song in the anime that was included with the second BD volume. Couldn’t find any booklet scans so I took the lyrics off of nicovideo and fixed a couple of mistakes.
Track 2 is a drama track starring Ricotta.
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7 09 2011

Track List
2. Endless Star
3. PRESENTER [off vocal ver.]
4. Endless Star [off vocal ver.]
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[LYRICS] Kämpfer für die Liebe OP/ED Single – Choose my love!

21 04 2011

Track List
1. Choose my love!
2. 妄想少女A (Mousou Shoujo A)
3. Choose my love! (instrumental)
4. 妄想少女A (instrumental)
5. ワンウェイもちろん片想い (One Way Mochiron Kataomoi)


As for a more relevant note, track 5 has the same melody as One Way Ryou Omoi but different lyrics/characters. It’s the combination of the two worst singers in the cast so naturally it can’t compare to the original. -w-
(nakamegu nakamegu nakamegu nakamegu nakameguuuuuuu)
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[LYRICS] Otome Youkai Zakuro Variety CD – Kayou Kobanashishuu

27 02 2011

Track List
01. 歌謡小咄集、これより開宴~ (Kayou Kobanashishuu, Kore Yori Kaien~)
02. 乙女セツナ恋吹雪 (Otome Setsuna Koi Fubuki)
03. 曲紹介(かげぼうし) (Kyoku Shoukai (Kageboushi))
04. かげぼうし (Kageboushi)
05. 曲紹介(恋の灯、愛の実) (Kyoku Shoukai (Koi no Hi, Ai no Mi))
06. 恋の灯、愛の実 (Koi no Hi, Ai no Mi)
07. 小咄集のはじまり~ (Kobanashishuu no Hajimari~)
08. ヘタレ少尉・総角 (Hetare Shoui Agemaki)
09. 日野葛日斂の非・寡黙相談タイム (Hinokazura Hiken no Hi Kamoku Soudan Time)
10. 豆蔵と小豆蔵の”これで、ええのんか~” (Mamezou to Azukisou no “Kore de, Eenonka~”)
11. 歌謡小咄集、これにて閉宴~ (Kayou Kobanashishuu, Kore Nite Heien~)
12. 紅花ノ乙女唄【追加曲】 (Benibana no Otome Uta [Extra Song])

Is it just me that hears 小峠舞’s 愛しキミヲミツケニ in the chorus of Zakuro’s song?
Track 12 is that awesome chant that Susukihotaru/Bonbori/Hoozuki do when Zakuro is about to battle.
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