[LYRICS] C³ Character Song Album

20 03 2012

Track List
01. あたらしい私 (Atarashii Watashi)
02. Always with You
03. 明日へ (Ashita he)
04. Balancing toy
05. someday
06. いちばん優しい抱擁を (Ichiban Yasashii Houyou wo)
07. 黒髪流儀。技あり! (Kurokami Ryuugi. Waza Ari!)
08. My Wish

Finishing up the C³ discography. The second ED is on Tamura Yukari’s album “Harumachi Soleil.”
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[LYRICS] Tamayura ~hitotose~ Vocal Album, Nano de.

31 01 2012

Track List
01. ももねこ音頭 Momoneko Ondo
02. ナイショのはなし (Naisho no Hanashi)
03. ヒマワリ (Himawari)
04. 希望のカタチ (Kibou no Katachi)
05. ずっと一緒 (Zutto Issho)
06. 夢の兆し (Yume no Kizashi)
07. 夏鳥 -うたとぴあの- (Natsudori -Uta to Piano-)
08. 花火 (Hanabi)
09. 星空 (Hoshizora)
10. あしたの陽だまり (Ashita no Hidamari)
12. ももねこ音頭 -広島弁Ver.- (Momoneko Ondo -Hiroshimaben Ver.-)

As requested. NakaMegu <333

My other two blogs have been moved to scans.kouhi.me and kohaku.kouhi.me but awesmoe will remain on WordPress for the sake of my pageview stats.
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! Interval 1

3 11 2011

Track List
1. オーディオドラマ第1話 前編 (Audio Drama Episode 1 – Part 1)
2. まほーの「まっ!」 (Maho― no “Ma-!”)
3. オーディオドラマ第1話 後編 (Audio Drama Episode 1 – Part 2)
4. 夕暮れ飛行船 (Yuugure Hikousen)

Interval 2 isn’t out yet, so I guess I’m caught up for now. Still waiting for an Aoi song…
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[LYRICS] RO-KYU-BU! – pure elements

3 11 2011

Track List
1. ギンギラ☆エール (Gingira☆Yell)
3. フリースローなLOVEにしてくれっ (Free Throw na LOVE ni Shite Kure-)
4. ね、コンビニでアイス買ってこ。 (Ne, Konbini de Ice Katteko.)
5. ギャオす!!!!! (Gyaos!!!!!)
6. だいすき♡コネクション (Daisuki♡Connection)
7. 空想ドラマちっくガール (Kuusou Dramatic Girl)
8. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Album ver.) (Party Love ~Okkiku Naritai~ (Album ver.))
9. You&I
10. RO-KYU-BU!

Oh right, there’s this album too. Making the most out of a good seiyuu cast.
Wasn’t sure whether or not to tag this as an anime post since it doesn’t seem to have any relation to the RKB anime itself, but the group is named after it, so…
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! Character Songs 02 – Misawa Maho

2 11 2011

Track List
1. ミライ☆シュート (Mirai☆Shoot)
2. SHOOT! -No.5 MIX-
3. 真帆のそうだんごと「すぺしゃるさーびすっ!」 (Maho no Soudangoto “Special Service!”)
4. ミライ☆シュート (Instrumental)
5. SHOOT! -No.5 MIX- (Instrumental)

Maho version of SHOOT! (aside from the rap portion) doesn’t sound like her at all, rofl.
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[LYRICS] Ro-Kyu-Bu! OP/ED Single – SHOOT!

1 11 2011

Track List
2. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Party Love ~Okkiku Naritai~)
3. SHOOT! (Instrumental)
4. Party Love ~おっきくなりたい~ (Instrumental)

The RKB character songs were requested, so starting off with the OP/ED single. The usual cutesy stuff; RKB has a good cast so the songs are pretty decent. There’s 5 character songs in total; one for each member of the basketball team… my favourite character in the show was Aoi so it kinda sucks that she doesn’t get one.
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[LYRICS] Boku ha Tomodachi ga Sukunai OP Single – Zannenkei Rinjinbu ★★☆

29 10 2011

Track List
1. 残念系隣人部★★☆ (Zannenkei Rinjinbu ★★☆)
2. 笑顔のデッサン (Egao no Dessin)
3. 残念系隣人部★★☆ オリジナルカラオケ (Zannenkei Rinjinbu ★★☆ Original Karaoke)
4. 笑顔のデッサン オリジナルカラオケ (Egao no Dessin Original Karaoke)

The third star in the title is supposed to be half-filled, but there isn’t a unicode character for that. IIRC Egao no Dessin was the theme song for Episode 0.
Haganai is one of my favourite shows this season. Don’t really like how deep Marina made Yozora’s voice, but I can get used to it. Sena is hilarious.
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