[LYRICS] イオシス – 東方メレンゲ少女夜行

9 04 2011

Track List
01. たったひとつの残酷な希望 (Tatta Hitotsu no Zankoku na Kibou)
02. 少女さとりのさとりったー (Shoujo Satori no Satoritter)
03. あたし色 (Atashiiro)
04. クイズ!けーねのなんでSHOW? (Quiz! Keine no Nande SHOW?)
05. Pandemic of Love
06. タイジスルモノ (Taiji Suru Mono)
07. 毘天の願い (Biten no Negai)
08. Destination Change
09. Burst!!
10. twilight*twinkle
11. 宵闇PARTY (Yoiyami PARTY)
12. エンドレス・てゐマパーク (Endless Tewima Park)
13. 土曜の地底ナイトクラブ☆ (Doyou no Chitei Nightclub ☆)
14. メレンゲ少女爆散夜行 (Meringue Shoujo Bakuzan Yakou)

IOSYS – Touhou Meringue Girl Night Flight.
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[LYRICS] Yumekui Merry Character Songs – Tachibana Isana

6 03 2011

Track List
1. 遠くにいても (Tooku ni Ite mo)
2. パステルマキアート (Pastel Macchiato)
3. 遠くにいても (Instrumental)
4. パステルマキアート (Instrumental)

First track arranged by void, second track by uno. First track lyrics by はかせ, second track by 夕野ヨシミ. Guitar in second track by minami, and music coordination by 龍波しゅういち.
Isana is pretty cute. Kinda surprised that they’re leaving Merry’s character songs for later, though.
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[LYRICS] Yumekui Merry Character Songs – Fujiwara Yumeji

6 03 2011

Track List
1. 終わらない夜を (Owaranai Yoru wo)
2. 何色インユアドリーム (Naniiro In Your Dream)
3. 終わらない夜を (Instrumental)
4. 何色インユアドリーム (Instrumental)

Oh hey, more IOSYS. First track arrangement by void, second track arrangement by D.watt. Lyrics for both by 夕野ヨシミ, guitar by minami, and music coordination by 龍波しゅういち.
Believe it or not, Yumeji’s seiyuu also voices Accelerator. w
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[LYRICS] イオシス – 東方云符不普

4 03 2011

Track List
01. ロマンチック早苗ラブ (Romantic Sanae Love)
02. 無限酒 (Mugenzake)
03. ナズーリンのおいしいクリスマス (Nazrin no Oishii Christmas)
04. 横暴ゴーストシップの当て逃げ航海録 (Oubou Ghost Ship no Atenige Koukairoku)
05. Dirty Fullmoon
06. 紫雨UNITED 幻想郷BIG3ゴルフ編 (Murasame UNITED Gensoukyou BIG3 Golf-hen)
07. きっともうはたらかない (Kitto Mou Hatarakanai)
09. 或る愛のプライスレス (Aru Ai no Priceless)
10. 続・あたしまりさ (Zoku Atashi Marisa)
11. Power of Dream (オールナイトフェーバーRefix) (Power of Dream (All Night Fever Refix)
12. STAR RIVER (D.watt alternative)
13. Bonus Track

IOSYS – Touhou Unfufu—fu. There is an unexpectedly large amount of Love-Coloured Master Spark. IMO this album is pretty medicore, but Dirty Fullmoon is pretty cool.

Track 3 – С Рождеством = Merry Christmas.
Track 4 – “Hit-and-Run Voyage of a Tyrannic Ghost Ship”. Parodying that Senkaku Islands stuff.
Track 12 – Was looking forward to being lazy and copy-pasting the lyrics from Touhou Crystallized Ocean. Then when I got to it I realized that the lyrics were completely different orz. This is basically a very loose english adaptation of the original star river.
Track 13 – Bonus track not mentioned on the booklet scans; Kitto Mou Hatarakanai in monotone.
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[LYRICS] Yumekui Merry ED Single – Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi

13 02 2011

Track List
1. ユメとキボーとアシタのアタシ (Yume to Kibou to Ashita no Atashi)
2. 夢の帰り道 (Yume no Kaerimichi)
3. ユメとキボーとアシタのアタシ (Instrumental)
4. 夢の帰り道 (Instrumental)

Also requested. Again, composition etc by various members of IOSYS (ARM, minami, はかせ, オミ織葉, 龍波しゅういち).

I was considering doing the Kore wa Zombie Desuka? OP just because it’s by Nomizu Iori, but then I remembered that I have no interest in the ED, so I guess I’ll pass (in which case, Chata Works Best II is next).
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[LYRICS] Yumekui Merry OP Single – Daydream Syndrome

13 02 2011

Track List
1. Daydream Syndrome
2. 月の見えない夜に (Tsuki no Mienai Yoru ni)
3. Daydream Syndrome (Instrumental)
4. 月の見えない夜に (Instrumental)

As requested. Composition etc by various members of IOSYS (void, minami, 夕野ヨシミ, 龍波しゅういち).
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[LYRICS] イオシス – 東方恋苺娘+

25 09 2010

Track List
01. 黒い星 (Kuroi Hoshi)
02. はたてのバッコイ殺人事件 (Hatate no Bakkoi Satsujin Jiken)
03. 信撃リザレクション (Shingeki Resurrection)
04. Bad Apple & Good Orange
05. 秋の戦士 オータムシスターズ (Aki no Senshi – Autumn Sisters)
06. 三月精と四角関係で五回ほど死にかけた件 (Sangetsusei to Shikaku Kankei de Gokai Hodo Shinikaketa Ken)
07. 雨のち笑顔 (Ame Nochi Egao)
08. MIRACLE is not miracle
09. 弾けるSummerとキラキラ時計 (Hajikeru Summer to Kirakira Tokei)
10. why I wanna know
11. 君よ 希望の星になれ (Kimi yo Kibou no Hoshi ni Nare)
EX. チルノのパーフェクトほけんたいいく (Cirno no Perfect Hokentaiiku)

Somehow I ended up doing this instead of Assorted Shana III. Will get back to that shortly <<; Title romanizes to "Touhou Koiichigo Musume+", translates to "Touhou Love Strawberry Girls+". Favourite song here is 'why I wanna know'.

Track 6 – Touhou Sangetsusei is the CD accompanying Eastern and Little Nature Deity.
Track 9 – Touhou Gumon Shiki is the CD accompanying Perfect Memento in Strict Sense.
EX Track – Title translates to "Cirno's Perfect Health & Physical Education". You already know what this is parodying.
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