[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana III -Final- OP Single – Light My Fire

20 11 2011

Track List
01. Light My Fire
02. Candy or Chocolate?
03. Light My Fire -instrumental-
04. Candy or Chocolate? -instrumental-

Track 1 lyrics/music/arrangement by ryo. It’s kind of messy, and KOTOKO hasn’t been that great recently, but I still like the song. Track 2’s music/arrangement are by Dixie Flatline and it’s kind of weird hearing KOTOKO sing something that would work better as a Vocaloid song.
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[LYRICS] Sucre Complete Soundtrack ~Secret tea party~

7 11 2011

Track List
01. thyme
02. Eternity
03. thyme (カラオケ) (thyme (Karaoke))
04. Eternity (カラオケ) (Eternity (Karaoke))

^ track list for Disc 2 (OP/ED). Disc 1 is the actual soundtrack.
I haven’t tried out Sucre myself, but the response seems to have been kinda meh so I probably won’t. Ended up doing these songs anyway because >KOTOKO and >Katakiri Rekka.

Engrish typos in Eternity left intact (the worst offender is “weekness”) because if I fix those then I’d have to change “favorite” to “favourite” as well. w
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[LYRICS] KOTOKO – Hiraku Uchuu Pocket

18 10 2011

Track List
02. ☆-未来-列車-☆ (☆-Mirai-Ressha-☆)
03. メータルリンク (Metal Link)
04. ラブレター (Love Letter)
05. 青いジープで (Aoi Jeep de)
06. mirror garden
07. Command+S
08. χ -kai-
09. サ・ヨ・ナ・・・ラ (Sayona…ra)
10. beat
11. 聞こえる (Kikoeru)
12. 開け!ソラノオト (Hirake! Sora no Oto)
13. 地球 -TERRA- (Chikyuu -TERRA-)

KOTOKO’s latest album. Personal favourite would be Mirai Ressha. Metal Link and Kikoeru are alright too. Her recent stuff is pretty meh… it’d be nice if we could get some more songs as good as agony, Face of Fact, etc were.
Trivia: Track 2 was arranged by kz, track 3 by DECO*27, track 4 by Masayoshi Minoshima.
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[LYRICS] Motto To-LOVE-Ru OP Single – Loop-the-Loop

18 10 2010

Track List
01. Loop-the-Loop
02. 雷鳴が鳴く頃 (Raimei ga Naku Koro)
03. Loop-the-Loop -instrumental-
04. 雷鳴が鳴く頃 -instrumental-

Wasn’t expecting a KOTOKO OP for this show, so was pleasantly surprised ^^
Still wondering how Motto TLR will go. It’s following the manga very closely right now, but it’ll definitely run out of chapters before long. Will it make anime original episodes, or will it somehow follow TLR Darkness? Speaking of which, just started reading TLR Darkness and as its name would suggest, it is Yami-licious <3
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[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana II OP2/ED2 Single – BLAZE

7 10 2010

Track List
2. Sociometry
3. BLAZE -instrumental-
4. Sociometry -instrumental-

What is a paragramme? ._.
Both tracks translated.
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[LYRICS] Gekijouban Shakugan no Shana Theme Song Single – Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi

29 09 2010

Track List
1. 天壌を翔る者たち (Tenjou wo Kakeru Monotachi –
 Those Who Soar through Heaven and Earth)

2. 天壌を翔る者たち -instrumental-
3. 天壌を翔る者たち -Raven fly edit-

Love Planet Five is an I’ve special unit comprised of KOTOKO, Shimamiya Eiko, Kawada Mami, MELL, and Utatsuki Kaori, for those who didn’t know.

The actual cover is uninteresting and doesn’t match the purple lyrics booklet, so I put some moe Shana up instead. I realize that her hair doesn’t match the right shade of purple at all, but finding un-edited Shana art that is predominantly purple and does not contain Wilhelmina is exactly as hard as it seems.
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[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana OP2 Single – being

6 09 2010

Track List
1. being
2. 雪華の神話 (Sekka no Shinwa – Snow Blossom Legend)
3. being (instrumental)
4. 雪華の神話 (instrumental)

The second SnS OP, also good stuff. Again, both tracks translated. KOTOKO <3
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