[LYRICS] Zero no Tsukaima F ED Single – Kiss Shite ↑ Agenai ↓

15 02 2012

Track List
01. キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓ (Kiss Shite ↑ Agenai ↓)
02. Be my love
03. キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓ (off vocal)
04. Be my love (off vocal)
05. キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓ ~恋はSから~ (Kiss Shite ↑ Agenai ↓ ~Koi ha S Kara~)
06. キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓ ~恋はKissから~ (Kiss Shite ↑ Agenai ↓ ~Koi ha Kiss Kara~)

As requested.
Kugyuu must be having fun voicing both Shana and Louise in the same season.
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[LYRICS] Toaru Majutsu no Index II ARCHIVES 2

9 07 2011

Track List
1. オーディオドラマ・1stパート (Audio Drama 1st Part)
2. 衝動、なのでございますよ。 (Shoudou, Nano de Gozaimasuyo.)
3. オーディオドラマ・2ndパート (Audio Drama 2nd Part)
4. Stray Virgin
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[LYRICS] Kanamemo OP Single – Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro

27 10 2010

Track List
1. 君へとつなぐココロ (Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro – My Heart Connects with You)
2. WAKE ME UP (^_-)b!
3. 君へとつなぐココロ (off vocal ver.)
4. WAKE ME UP (^_-)b! (off vocal ver.)

And going back on track, next series is Kanamemo. For some reason I did romaji for the ED waaay back when the series aired, so.. yeah. After this is the character song album, then TL the OP single, then done.
“Kimi he to Tsunagu Kokoro” translates more literally to something like “the heart that connects towards you”, but that makes for a bad song title. -w-
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[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana II – Splendide Shana Vol. I

10 10 2010

Track List
2. オーディオドラマ「シャナの社会科見学 ~一夜の夢の如し~」
 (Audio Drama “Shana no Shakaika Kengaku ~Ichiya no Yume no Gotoshi~” –
 Shana’s Social Studies Field Trip ~Like One Night’s Dream~)

3. 風の行方 (Kaze no Yukue – Direction of the Wind)
4. オーディオドラマ「謎のセレブデート」
 (Audio Drama “Nazo no Celeb Date” – Mysterious Celebrity Date)

Track 1 is a Shana character song (sequel to -EXIST- from Assorted Shana Vol. I), track 3 is a Konoe Fumina character song.

Edit: I went and typo’ed the title. orz
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[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana Assorted Shana Vol. III

27 09 2010

Track List
1. -仮面の剥落- (-Kamen no Hakuraku- -Taking Off the Mask-)
2. ドラマ「素敵メロンパン」 (Drama “Suteki Melonpan” – Wonderful Melon Bread)
3. -ブルースカイ- (-Blue Sky-)
4. ドラマ「紅世の王、極秘会談」 (Drama “Guze no Ou, Gokuhi Kaidan” –
 Lords of the Crimson Realm, Secret Conference)

Track 1 is a Wilhelmina character song, track 3 is another Shana character song. Also contains 6 soundtracks – Sentiment profond, Vague à l’âme, le château flottant dans les airs, Elan, une mèthode sècrete, La vie recommence.

Forgot to mention this, but this and the other two Assorted Shanas are translated. Basically if the track titles are translated, the songs are too. If the titles are already in english, I’ll mention it somewhere in the post, then.
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[LYRICS] Shakugan no Shana Assorted Shana Vol. I

9 09 2010

Track List
1. -EXIST-
2. ドラマ「アラストールの苦悩」 (Drama “Alastor no Kunou” – Alastor’s Distress)
3. -ひそやかにキララ- (-Hisoyaka ni Kirara- – -Quietly Glimmering-)
4. ドラマ「吉田一美の日記」 (Drama “Yoshida Kazumi no Nikki” – Yoshida Kazumi’s Diary)

Track 1 is a Shana character song, track 3 is a Yoshida character song. Also contains 6 soundtracks – Tristesse, Souffrance, Solitude, La peur approche, Apparition d’un adversaire puissant, Confrontation.

In Yoshida’s song, the ‘glimmer’ (kirara) refers to her unrequited love.
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[LYRICS] Hayate no Gotoku!! Character CD 2nd series 01 – Nagi Sanzenin

25 06 2009

HnG!! Character CD 2nd series - Nagi Sanzenin [cover]
Track List
1. アヴァン (avan; Avant) *
2. ストロウハット・ファンタジィ (sutorou hatto fantajii; Straw Hat Fantasy)
3. A パート (A pa―to; A Part) *
4. B パート (B pa―to; B Part) *
5. Shootin’ Star
6. 次回予告 (Jikai Yokoku) *
7. ストロウハット・ファンタジィ(INST) (Straw Hat Fantasy (INST))
8. Shootin’ Star (INST)
9. よいこのハヤテかるた~はじまるぞ!~ (Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ~Hajimaruzo!~) **
10. よいこのハヤテかるた「い」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘i’) **
11. よいこのハヤテかるた「ろ」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘ro’) **
12. よいこのハヤテかるた「は」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘ha’) **
13. よいこのハヤテかるた「に」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘ni’) **
14. よいこのハヤテかるた「ほ」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘ho’) **
15. よいこのハヤテかるた「へ」(Yoi Kono Hayate Karuta ‘he’) **
16. ビeeeeeeeeeeeeeス! ~ひつじの手もかりたい~ piece 02 (Pieeeeeeeeeeeeece! ~Hitsuji no Te mo Karitai~ piece 02) ***

* audio drama
** voice clip – a sentence that starts with a certain syllable about a character in the show. I guess there’s probably going to be one for each syllable?
*** this is a short piece of a song; each character CD has a different piece. When they are put together, they will form a full song. Or something like that.

Ugh, JCS is making my life hard. They can’t just do a normal character CD, huh?That aside, I’ve never really liked Nagi’s character songs, and I don’t like this one much either. I’m really just getting this out of the way so I can do Hina’s, lol.
Hit “read the rest” for lyrics for the two songs + bonus piece, for what it’s worth + the sentences.

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