[LYRICS] Halozy – H -Heart and Beat Technology-

14 03 2011

Track List
01. H ~Heart and Beat Technology~
02. 夏影 (Summer Lights Mix) (Natsukage (Summer Lights Mix))
03. メグメル (Cuckool Mix 2009) (Megumeru (Cuckool Mix 2009))
04. 時を刻む唄 (Toki wo Kizamu Uta)
05. Your Eyes (Club Mix)
06. Re-sublimity
07. アンインストール (Uninstall)
08. Little Busters!
09. 寝・逃・げでリセット! (Nenige de Reset!)
10. You (in the House)
11. 奈落の花 (Naraku no Hana)
12. Drop in the Ocean

Reitaisai 8 has been suspended due to the earthquake. ):
In the meantime, a change of pace. Halozy’s first album, a collection of anime remixes. Contains familiar vocalists singing familiar songs, as well as a few Vocaloid tracks. nayuta’s voice is gorgeous as always. Nachi’s cover of Little Busters! is kinda disappointing IMO.
Most lyrics were taken from their original source’s booklet, but Your Eyes‘ lyrics were copied from Nico. No lyrics for Drop in the Ocean because I couldn’t decipher the engrish, sorry.
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