7 09 2011

Track List

The Dog Days insert song was requested so I’m doing the OP/ED too. Sorry for the slowness, I was busy with moving out.
The title of the song is obviously referring to Shinku (also written as 真紅/深紅, meaning deep crimson).
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[LYRICS] Tales of Symphonia – Sylvarant Songs

9 05 2010

Track List
1. ALMATERIA ~Vocal Mix~
2. Fiat lux -光あれ- (Fiat lux -Hikari are-)
3. うちへ帰ろう (Uchi he Kaerou)
4. 想いのゆくえ (Omoi no Yukue)
5. 願い (Negai)
6. ALMATERIA off vocal ver.
7. Fiat lux -光あれ- instrumental
8. うちへ帰ろう instrumental
9. 想いのゆくえ instrumental
10. 願い instrumental

Breaking my “new songs only” tradition — but there’s a sequel, Tethe’alla-hen airing right now. The OP is Mizuki Nana’s Tenkuu no Kanaria! My favourite song from the White Album 2 OP single, which is on this blog. Anyway, Kawai Eri’s song here is so beautiful. If it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t post up this album. Forever rest in peace, Kawai Eri. ;_;
Oh and there’s Mizuki Nana too of course (as the character she voices, Collet). The ED by Hikita Kaori is also good.

“Anyway, Kawai Eri’s song here is so beautiful. If it weren’t for that, I probably wouldn’t post up this album.” -> wait a sec, her song doesn’t even have any (understandable) lyrics…
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[LYRICS] White Album Sound Stage 02

3 04 2010

Track List
1. ステーキハウス “Rio Malo” I (Steakhouse “Rio Malo” I)
2. 夕凪大学中庭 (Yuunagi Daigaku Nakaniwa)
3. 弾丸少女(ミューズ) (Dangan Muse)
4. スタジオ “Tri-Sad” (Studio “Tri-sad”)
5. 某喫茶店 (Bou Kissaten)
6. ルック・オブ・ダーティ・ラブ (Look of Dirty Love)
7. 夕凪セントラルロード (Yuunagi Central Road)
8. ステーキハウス “Rio Malo” II (Steakhouse “Rio Malo” II)
9. 某マンション前 (Bou Mansion Mae)
10. 灯トワイライト (Tomoshibi Twilight)

Yay, Menou’s song! And another Rina song too. (and there’s a Yuki one, but no one cares about her)
Rina’s song is repetitive, but IMO it’s actually pretty good! Dangan girl = bullet girl, hence why the image in the background of the scan is Rina holding a guitar in the shape of a gun.
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[LYRICS] White Album Sound Stage 01

13 02 2010

Track List
1. プロローグ (Prologue)
2. RED ORPHEUS ~赤の神話~ (RED ORPHEUS ~Aka no Shinwa~)
3. 由綺I (Yuki I)
4. 冬弥I (Touya I)
5. 由綺II (Yuki II)
6. 桜の花の舞う丘で (Sakura no Hana no Mauoka de)
7. 由綺III (Yuki III)
8. 冬弥II (Touya II)
9. 由綺IV (Yuki IV)
11. エピローグ (Epilogue)

There’s a few vocal songs here (two of which are by Nana!!! …even though Yuki steals the spotlight for the dramas orz), so might as well. If the track title is clickable above, then it’s a vocal song and not BGM or a drama. That song by those random girls is here, so maybe Menou’s song will be in Sound Stage 02!
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[LYRICS] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha A’s PORTABLE -THE BATTLE OF ACES- OP Single – Silent Bible

10 02 2010

Track List
1. Silent Bible
2. Polaris
4. undercover

This is the OP single for the Nanoha A’s PSP game. More Mizuki Nana! <3
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[LYRICS] Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st Theme/Insert Song Single – PHANTOM MINDS

14 01 2010

Track List
2. Don’t be long
3. Song Communication
4. 十字架のスプレッド (Juujika no Spread)

Yay for long titles. This month, our lovely Feito-chan will be back, in original loli form!!! Oh and Nanoha too, yeah. The one reason why I didn’t watch StrikerS is because non-loli Fate breaks my heart. I don’t care if it’s a recap movie; Fate is back! <3

Anyway, as expected from Mizuki Nana, this album is awesome! She has another single coming out Feb 10; the opening theme for the Nanoha A's PSP game.
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[LYRICS] White Album Character Song – POWDER SNOW (Ogata Rina)

29 12 2009

Track List
2. 1986年のマリリン (1986nen no Marilyn)
3. POWDER SNOW off Vocals
4. 1986年のマリリン off Vocals

More Mizuki Nana is always welcome. <3

POWDER SNOW is the ending theme of the visual novel, and is originally sung by Akko. This means there probably won’t be any other character song albums, because the previous ones (WHITE ALBUM and Sound of Destiny) were also titles of songs from the visual novel, and there aren’t any left from there… though I wouldn’t mind a Menou ‘that other girl’ album.

1986nen no Marilyn is a cover of a song with the same name by Honda Minako, which was released in 1986.
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