[LYRICS] Sora no Otoshimono Forte – Character Song & Drama Album -Utahime Voice ga Hibiku-

25 02 2011

Track List
1. Ring My Bell [CD Full Version]
2. CDドラマ第1話『赤ちゃんになった智樹』 (CD Drama 1 “Akachan ni Natta Tomoki”)
3. ナイショの果実~Eu Te Amo~ (Naisho no Kajitsu ~Eu Te Amo~)
4. CDドラマ第2話『芸者遊び』 (CD Drama 2 “Geisha Asobi”)
5. あいをあげる (Ai wo Ageru)
6. CDドラマ第3話『トップアイドルそはら』 (CD Drama 3 “Top Idol Sohara”)
7. Run!Run!スプリンター (Run! Run! Sprinter)
8. CDドラマ第4話『アストレア殺戮す』 (CD Drama 4 “Astraea Satsurikusu”)
9. フール・イン・ザ・ラビリンス (Fool in the Labyrinth)
10. CDドラマ第5話『テントの地下の新大陸』 (CD Drama 5 “Tent no Chika no Shintairiku”)
11. 鬼遊戯狂詩曲(オニゴッコラプソディー) (Onigokko Rhapsody)
12. CDドラマ第6話『ハーレムEND』 (CD Drama 6 “Harem END”)
13. notモテ男冬景色 [CD Full Version] (not Moteotoko Fuyu Keshiki [CD Full Version])
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[LYRICS] Sora no Otoshimono Forte ED Theme Collection

26 12 2010

Track List
01. 帰るから (Piano Version) (Kaeru Kara (Piano Version))
03. かけめぐる青春 (Kakemeguru Seishun)
04. ミラクル・ガイ (Miracle Guy)
05. ff(フォルティシモ) (Fortissimo)
06. ソルジャー・イン・ザ・スペース (Soldier in the Space)
07. 帰らざる日のために (Kaerazaru Hi no Tame ni)
08. 踊り子 (Odoriko)
09. 夏のお嬢さん (Natsu no Ojousan)
10. 望郷の旅 (Boukyou no Tabi)
11. 帰るから (Guitar Version) (Kaeru Kara (Guitar Version))
12. 時代遅れの恋人たち (Jidai Okure no Koibitotachi)
Bonus Track
13. TVサイズ・ノンストップ・メドレー (TV Size Nonstop Medley)

I was going to use the actual booklet cover for this post, but then I saw Nymph and lsdkfjaldjfaldsalfjl etc.
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[LYRICS] Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Character Song Mini Album

14 03 2010

Track List
01. Fは無敵な合言葉 (F ha Muteki na Aikotoba)
02. 恋のスクランブルエッグ (Koi no Scrambled Eggs)
03. ツンデレ道 (Tsundere Michi)
04. 壊男~KAIDAN~ (Kaidan ~KAIDAN~)
05. ムッツリーニと機関銃 (Muttsuri—ni to Kikanjuu)
06. サクラチル サクラサク (Sakura Chiru Sakura Saku)

BakaTest is an alright show. Nice premise, but sometimes the humour is kinda lacking. This CD sucks because it doesn’t have Shouko. I don’t care if she isn’t in F class; she’s still the best character! Hideyoshi’s song is the best one here – Emiri’s OTOKO voice falters slightly when she’s singing ヽ(*´∀`)ノ … Hideyoshi is still overrated though.
Boredom leads to matching colours with the scans. So faaabulous~
Also according to the CD, Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu translates to Baka and Test ~Summon the Beasts~. w

After this is probably Silver Forest’s C77 album, Touhou Starry-Eyed. Today is reitaisai 7, so I’d better finish it up before the new flood of music comes in…
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[LYRICS] Sora no Otoshimono Character Song Album

11 03 2010

Track List
1. チクチク・B・チック (Chikuchiku B Chikku)
2. BGM I:登校風景 (BGM I: Toukou Fuukei)
3. キミにChop!!! (Kimi ni Chop!!!)
4. BGM II:右手に銃 (BGM II: Migite ni Juu)
5. Neo=Frontier Spirit
6. BGM III:ジャングルジム (BGM III: Jungle Gym)
7. Princess 37564
8. BGM IV:不思議に満ちた世界 (Fushigi ni Michita Sekai)
9. 反則メタモルフォーゼ (Hansoku Metamorphose)
10. BGM V:空の女王~ウラヌス・システム (BGM V: Sora no Joou ~ Uranus System)
11. 許して sweet heart (Yurushite sweet heart)
12. BGM VI:ありがとう (BGM VI: Arigatou)
13. fallen down

Upon seeing this release:
1 – Oh… is this the same as the ED album?
2 – Oh, it’s something new.
3 – :|
4 – …aw, that means I have to do lyrics for it.

On the bright side though, this means a new Nymph song! And of course the full version of the insert song fallen down, which was probably the most likable thing I found in Ikaros. Besides her good voice (which is really only because of Hayami Saori), Ikaros is just boring. Nymph ftw! <3
There's also the full version of the joke song Tomoki sang… I don't think putting it as the first track was a very good marketing idea.

It's kinda strange; you'd think that the character song album would be the one with all the colour images and the ED album would be the monochrome one, but it's the other way around. Ah well, at least I don't have to format them into the post this time~
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[LYRICS] Sora no Otoshimono ED Collection

31 12 2009

Track List
1. 岬めぐり (Misaki Meguri)
2. 太陽がくれた季節 (Taiyou ga Kureta Kisetsu)
3. 戦士の休息 (Senshi no Kyuusoku)
4. ゆけ!ゆけ!川口浩!! (Yuke! Yuke! Kawaguchi Hiroshi!!)
5. 夏色のナンシー (Natsuiro no Nancy)
6. ふり向くな君は美しい (Furimuku na Kimi ha Utsukushii)
7. ワイルドセブン (Wild Seven)
8. 初恋 (Hatsukoi)
9. 僕等のダイアリー (Bokura no Diary)
10. チャンピオン (Champion)
11. 赤い花 白い花 (Akai Hana Shiroi Hana)
12. 春一番 (Haruichiban)
13. エンディング Ver.1.0~XIV ノンストップメドレー! (Ending Ver.1.0~XIV Nonstop Medley!) *

* bonus track, a 21-minute long medley of the TV-size versions of all the ending themes, including Soba ni Irareru Dakede. They aren’t interlaced nicely like in the Macross Frontier medleys, it’s just fade out fade in. So it’s kinda pointless.

All of these songs are covers of famous songs from the past. It skips from Ver.XII to Ver.XIV, so chances are that there isn’t going to be a new song next week, and that the ‘dangerous ep14’ really will be released as an OVA.

A character album is going to be released Feb. 3, 2010.

This post is pretty long, so I’m going to try out using page jumps. Click the name of the song you want the lyrics for, and you’ll hopefully jump directly there. It’ll probably only work when you’re viewing the full post though (not just the excerpt on the home page). This will be implemented for all future posts.
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