2009 Korea Best Moe Tournament

27 06 2009

(site is in readable english – one of the good parts of this tournament)

Preparing for lulz. Last year was very disappointing (i.e. Kyou) but luckily Horo won in the end, so it’s all good. Sure, she beat Shana in the semi-final, but Horo’s a great character so I can’t complain. Much. Kyou beating Hina on the other hand… never mind.

Anyway, I won’t be paying as much attention to this as Japan saimoe, but I guess I’ll still vote and stuff. Speaking of which, I notice they aren’t using the code generator this year. ..I actually still have it. <_<;
I won't be taking it very seriously though. As the site says – "The purpose of Best Moe Tournament is to find fun and enjoyment while voting, not to get obsessed with the result itself."

I'll save my rage for JSM.