[LYRICS] Studio “Syrup Comfiture” × Pizuya’s Cell – 君の歌と僕の小さな恋

6 01 2012

Track List
1. 君の歌と僕の小さな恋 (Kimi no Uta to Boku no Chiisana Koi)
2. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu)
3. 不思議の国の… (Fushigi no Kuni no…)
4. 霍雨 (Kaku Ame)
5. 焦堕 (Shouda)
6. Felicitas
7. visions of love
8. 途切れた赤い糸 (Togireta Akai Ito)
9. シンパシー (Sympathy)
10. 星屑 -piano ballad- (Hoshikuzu -piano ballad-)

Syrufit × Pizuya – Kimi no Uta to Boku no Chiisana Koi (Your Song and My Small Love)
I love this album. It’s a lot more soothing than what’d you expect from Syrufit and Pizuya, but it works. My favourite track is by far visions of love, while Sympathy takes a distant second place.

Track 4 – 霍 is the Kaku in Seiga Nyannyan’s name, but the kanji can also be read as “niwaka”. Niwaka ame = rain shower.

I could just listen to visions of love all day long.
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – Avidya

4 01 2012

Track List
01. Avidya
02. Another Vision
03. We Are
04. Rapture
05. et Cetera
06. Links
07. Stellar
08. candle
09. innocent – Nhato Remix
10. Angel’s Doubt

Studio “Syrup Comfiture” C81 album (I’ll do their collab with Pizuya next). The booklet scans for this were REALLY hard to read. Track 9 is a remix of innocent from AniPix’s C75 album, which happens to also be titled innocent.

Overall, another solid album from Syrufit. My favourite track is probably et Cetera, but they’re all fairly good – lots of Ayakura Mei, which makes up for ALR’s album. This is the first time I’ve heard Cathy’s vocals, and they’re pretty nice. Looking forward to hearing more from her.
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – over

22 08 2011

Track List
01. over.
02. 月影少女 (Tsukikage Shoujo)
03. it’s your world in scarlet
04. Stray child’s Alice
05. Card in the future
06. High jump love
07. errrrrrrrrrrrrr
08. Take it
09. Threat of rain
10. -----------

Syrufit and Poplica* collaboration: love (Poplica*) and over (Syrufit). Put the words together and you get “lover”, etc.

Just like Poplica*’s album, the booklet scans were missing a bunch of tracks (2, 4, 8, 9) leaving me with only three songs available. I like this album a bit more than love, but they’re both great.

Edit: Looks like this was my 400th post.
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – Love=ALL

25 03 2011

Track List
01. Jump!
02. Listen Up
03. Baby, Baby
04. Desire
05. inner reality
06. Seeker
07. Broken puzzle
08. ---
09. root_A / evenescence
10. root_B / nephilim
11. root_C / =ALL
12. xxxx

This album is amazing~ gorgeous cover art is gorgeous.

The copy I downloaded was missing the booklet page for root_B and root_C! ;_; despair.
If I find the official lyrics elsewhere, I’ll add them in.
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – Love Hearts?

27 01 2011

Track List
01. Opening Bet
02. true blue
03. and Juliet
04. fill you in
05. Myosotis alpestris
06. everything
07. Rewire
08. BAD
09. you’re the fire
10. EX-otica

Syrufit’s C79 album! After this will be CYTOKINE’s, because they go together.
Favourite tracks here are fill you in, you’re the fire, and Myosotis alpestris. There is still so much C79 to go through ._.
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – Replica*

7 11 2010

Track List
01. melt in the sky
02. Replica
03. I’m in blue
04. Can’t stop
05. 私と少女と風と (Watashi to Shoujo to Kaze to)
06. I never gonna miss you.
07. Reversible Composed
08. Please kiss my love
09. prunus girl
10. さくらセンチメンタル (Sakura Sentimental)

Don’t have the booklet scans so used unofficial lyrics instead… there were quite a few mistakes orz. Fixed them, but wouldn’t be surprised if a few of the kanji were meant to be different. I guess the post title would be better off as Syrufit feat. Poplica*, because there is a total of one song that is arranged by someone else.

In other news, Kaminomi OP itself gets like 150 daily views. o_o
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[LYRICS] Syrufit – Where is Love

31 08 2010

Track List
01. Introductory chapter
02. Dream bottom
03. Night that can be danced
05. Dim. Dream
06. アモリタチテカミトミユ (Amoritachite Kami to Miyu)
07. Selection
08. shadow of jealousy
09. Fox Bomb
10. last lie
11. between the sky
12. luvstruck
13. fragile. (Strings Re-arrange)

Absolutely love the cover. But I’m a huge Marisa fan, so yeah. Anyway, this is Syrufit’s secon- er, third album. What happened to Love Buzz, and where is Replica* ;A;
This is my favourite C78 album so far (not that it means much seeing as I’ve only listened to three so far). My favourite song is probably KIZU KAKUSHI; fun song to listen to. Lots of Marisa goodness here. <3

Track 6 – A lot of this song is in classical japanese. I’m fairly unfamiliar with it so some of the romaji doesn’t match up properly.. I especially have no idea what to put for 陰陽 so I left it as in’you. If you know what the pronunciation is for that, please do share ;A;
Track 7 – Yes, this is from a character selection theme.
Track 12 – This is a re-arrange, so the lyrics weren’t included in the booklet.
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