[LYRICS] Highschool of the Dead ED Album – H.O.T.D.

25 04 2011

Track List
01. 君と太陽が死んだ日 (Kimi to Taiyou ga Shinda Hi)
02. color me dark
03. Return to Destiny
04. cold bullet blues
05. Memories of days gone by
06. Under The Honey Shine
07. fuss fuzz
08. The place of hope
09. 宝石のスパイ (Houseki no Spy)
10. THE last pain
11. Hollow Men
12. The Eternal Song

As requested. Personal favourites are 君と太陽が死んだ日, color me dark, Return to Destiny, cold bullet blues, and The Eternal Song. Kurosaki Maon has a nice voice.
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[LYRICS] Amagami SS ED8 Single – Suteki na Aru Hi (Tachibana Miya)

23 01 2011

Track List
01. 素敵なある日 (Suteki na Aru Hi)
02. あのね (Ano ne)
03. Like a black cat
04. 素敵なある日 (Instrumental)
05. あのね (Instrumental)

Like Risa’s ED, track 3 is an OST track.
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[LYRICS] Amagami SS ED7 Single – Koi no Yukue (Kamizaki Risa)

23 01 2011

Track List
01. 恋のゆくえ (Koi no Yukue)
02. パンドラの恋 (Pandora no Koi)
03. He is all she can see
04. 恋のゆくえ (Instrumental)
05. パンドラの恋 (Instrumental)

Track 3 is an OST track. Risa is cute.
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[LYRICS] Amagami SS ED6 Single – Nageki no Tenshi (Ayatsuji Tsukasa)

16 12 2010

Track List
01. 嘆きの天使 (Nageki no Tenshi)
02. White or Black?
03. 嘆きの天使 (Instrumental)
04. White or Black? (Instrumental)

Disc 2 contains 2 OST tracks – “Sunny side of her smile” and “Her sealed passion” – as well as Tsukasa’s character monologue.
Mandatory ‘TSUKASA IS AWESOME’ here. Now if only her singing was better and she didn’t have the same name as a character I hate. orz
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[LYRICS] Amagami SS ED5 Single – Koi ha Aserazu (Sakurai Rihoko)

17 11 2010

Track List
01. 恋はあせらず (Koi ha Aserazu)
02. (Hoshi)
03. 恋はあせらず (Instrumental)
04. 星 (Instrumental)

Disc 2 contains 2 OST tracks – “Spicy or spacy” and “Before saying good night” – and Rihoko’s character monologue.

Rihoko is pretty cute, but I’m more excited for Tsukasa’s arc which is next (and last).
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[LYRICS] Strike Witches 2 ED Collection – Over Sky

23 10 2010

Track List
1. Over Sky Type-1 (Miyafuji Yoshika & Sakamoto Mio)
2. Over Sky Type-2 (Sakamoto Mio & Miyafuji Yoshika)
3. Over Sky Type-3 (Miyafuji Yoshika & Lynette Bishop & Perrine-H. Clostermann)
4. Over Sky Type-4 (Gertrud Barkhorn & Charlotte E Yeager)
5. Over Sky Type-5 (Miyafuji Yoshika & Francesca Lucchini & Charlotte E Yeager)
6. Over Sky Type-6 (Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen & Sanya V. Litvyak)
7. Over Sky Type-7 (Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke & Erica Hartmann & Gertrud Barkhorn)
8. Over Sky Type-8 (Miyafuji Yoshika & Lynette Bishop)
9. Over Sky Type-9 (Sakamoto Mio & Perrine-H. Clostermann)
10. Over Sky Type-10 (Erica Hartmann & Hanna-Justina Marseille)
11. Over Sky Type-11 (Sakamoto Mio & Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke)
12. Over Sky Type-12 (Miyafuji Yoshika & Sakamoto Mio & Minna-Dietlinde Wilcke & Perrine-H. Clostermann & Lynette Bishop & Erica Hartmann & Gertrud Barkhorn & Francesca Lucchini & Charlotte E Yeager & Sanya V. Litvyak & Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen)
13. Over Sky オリジナル・カラオケ (Original Karaoke)
14. 「ストライクウィッチーズ2」 エンディング・メドレー (Strike Witches 2 Ending Medley)

Just like the ED collection for the first season, here we have a ton of versions of the song. It’s not as catchy as Bookmark A-Head was though. ):
Track 14 is basically a huge medley of all of them.
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[LYRICS] Amagami SS ED4 Single – Koi ha Mizuiro (Nanasaki Ai)

22 10 2010

Track List
01. 恋はみずいろ (Koi ha Mizuiro)
02. minamo
03. 恋はみずいろ (Instrumental)
04. minamo (Instrumental)

Disc 2 contains 2 OST tracks – “Swimming in the wind” and “Sweet actually” – as well as Ai’s character monologue.

Ai is pretty cool. She’s my second-favourite of the girls we’ve seen so far (Haruka being first of course). And Yukana is <3, this is my favourite ED so far.
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