[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – KILLED DANCEHALL

1 01 2012

Track List
1. Undercover
2. Romantic Children
3. Unknown
4. Phantoms In Da House
5. Brazil
6. Lunar DIAL
7. Endless
8. Flowering Night
9. Underdog

Well, I guess I can at least do one post. I’m pretty sure this is the album that most people want to see, anyway. w
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – HAUNTED DANCEHALL

15 08 2011

Track List
1. only in the morning upside down after moonlight
2. Ancient
3. Witching Dream
4. Haunted Dancefloor
5. Border of Life
6. Little Love Girl
7. Crescent Dream
8. Sky Ruin
9. your smile, your face, your lies, your love
X. Plain Asia (Camellia’s Reconstructed Plainness rmx.)

Starting off C80 music with ALR’s new album. There’s a remix of Plain Asia! :D One of my favourite ALR songs.
Apologies in advance for any typos (most likely either missing “a”s or misplaced ones). Typed this up on my new laptop and I guess I’m bad at hitting the “a” key properly or something.

I’m managing alright in 10 Desires. It’s the one game where I don’t play as Marisa, because Youmu’s sword is just that awesome.
Tasofro’s Madoka game (Grief Syndrome) is great. I didn’t realize that I could jump until stage 2 orz.
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – For Your Pieces

6 07 2011

Track List
1. Strawberry Crisis!!
2. Invisible Full Moon
3. Cloudy Baby
4. Necro Fantasia
5. For Your Pieces
6. Subterranean Animism.
7. Astro Toilet
8. Shinto Shrine (Ryo Ohnuki Remix)
9. Alice Maestera (Ryo Ohnuki Remix)
10. Necro Fantasia (REDALiCE Remix)

ALR’s C74 album, as requested. It turns out I already had a draft for this (last edited December 21st lol.) that had everything mostly done so all I had to do was revise. As usual the remixed tracks don’t have lyrics in the booklet.
Personal favourite track is For Your Pieces. The cover art is absolutely gorgeous ;_;
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – Third Ensemble: Noir

6 01 2011

Track List
1. The Begining
2. Dream War
3. Magic Square
4. Plastik Mind
5. Stygian
6. Captain Murasa
7. Russet
8. Maple Dream
9. End of Daylight (Tsukasa Remix)
10. Dream War (REDALiCE Remix)

Kinda late, but oh well. The ALR part of Third Ensemble; a sequel to Trois, which I conveniently did the lyrics for not too long ago. First track is spelled like that on the actual album; can’t be helped. Covers aren’t as awesome this time ):
More C79 stuff to come.
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – Harmony

21 12 2010

Track List
1. Cheek Colours
2. Dark Road
3. Alice Maestera
4. Voile, the Magic Library
5. Wind’s Believer
6. Harmony
7. Interlude
8. Maple Wizen (2007AW Re-Mastered)
9. Suwa Foughten Field

ALR’s C73 album.

Glanced over the list of music for C79 – looking forward to ENS’ Split Theory, Halozy’s Cosmic Armonica, Syrufit x CYTOKINE’s album, and SOUND HOLIC’s 文 -BUN- the most. Basically the same as always. -w-
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – Lovelight

16 12 2010

Track List
1. Lovelight
2. Bad Apple!! feat. nomico
3. Magic Girl
4. Witherd Leaf
5. Silver That Can Be Crushed Like Crystal.
6. Ultimate Truth
7. Interlude
8. Fractal Night
9. Extend Ash
10. How Is Your Eyes Crazy?
11. Bad Apple!! feat. nomico (Instrumental)

ALR’s RTS4 album, featuring the ever-famous Bad Apple!!, which also happens to be the only vocal track on this album. -w-
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[LYRICS] Alstroemeria Records – Trois Noir

23 10 2010

Track List
1. Showdown
2. For Lovers not Fighters
3. Flight on tears
4. 光の都 (Hikari no Miyako)
5. Underground Bridge
6. Nuclear Fusion
7. Last Remote
8. Bad Apple!! (REDALiCE Remix)
9. Gallardo
10. For Lovers not Fighters (Tsukasa Remix)

And for the 200th lyrics post, moving back in time a bit to ALR’s Trois Noir (Trois Rouge and Trois Bleu will also be done soon). Copied the format I used for Kimino-Museum’s stuff again for this album, since once again I couldn’t bear to crop off any of the cover image. Definitely recommend clicking to see the full resolution, cause it kinda blurs out when I resize it in the post. Two awesome characters + awesome style, whoo~
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