[LYRICS] 幽閉サテライト – 月に叢雲華に風

23 03 2012

Track List
01. 月に叢雲華に風 (Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze)
02. スクリーミング・テンペスト (Screaming Tempest)
03. 背徳のAgape (Haitoku no Agape)
04. 退屈サティスファクション (Taikutsu Satisfaction)
05. ペルソナ (Persona)
06. 小悪魔りんご (EUROBEAT Remix) (Koakuma Ringo (EUROBEAT Remix))

As requested. Yuuhei Satellite – Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze (C81)
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[LYRICS] Amateras Records – Helius Aggregation

23 01 2012

Track List
1. Justice Ruler
2. KINDNESSの分解 (KINDNESS no Bunkai)
3. 暴露衝動 (Bakuro Shoudou)
4. 幾星霜の夜空 (Ikuseisou no Yozora)
5. 哀シミノ旋律 (Kanashimi no Senritsu)
6. Closed To You
7. キミという特異点 (Kimi to Iu Tokuiten)
8. 寂しさのLeaf (Sabishisa no Leaf)
9. 想 ~unfinished dream~ (Koe ~unfinished dream~)
10. Regret

Another C81 album done – this is the first time I’ve listened to a full album by Amateras Records. I like the arranges a lot, but the vocals could use some work. It’s still a good album though. I’ll do Conagusuri’s next to complete the Aggregation trio.
Track 9 – 想 is pronounced “koe” (voice) in the song, so I changed it in the title as well.
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[LYRICS] Halozy – Tonic Triangle

19 01 2012

Track List
01. Tonic Triangle
02. Shining / STREAM
03. 恋のセレナーデ (Koi no Serenade)
04. Paranoid Lost
05. 君風 (Kimikaze)
06. 物凄いあややがぶっちゃけ物凄いうた (Monosugoi Ayaya ga Bucchake Monosugoi Uta)
07. 路側帯レアリスム (Rosokutai Realism)
08. SAKURA:Sound
09. 錯錯乱乱 (Sakusaku Ranran)
10. 49-7

Slow as usual~
Pretty good album from Halozy. There isn’t anything outright amazing, but Paranoid Lost is definitely my favourite track. 49-7 is very reminiscent of Subarashii ‘0’ from Starry Presto.
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[LYRICS] Pizuya’s Cell – Merciless Lazuli Rose

11 01 2012

Track List
01. Losing your season
02. Plastic mind
03. Past distortion
05. Invisibilia door
06. Vitae perspiramur
07. Dizziness
08. Apparition lover
09. Merciless Lazuli Rose
11. Losing your season ~offvox~
12. Plastic mind ~offvox~
13. DESIREDRIVE ~offvox~

Good stuff from Pizuya as usual. Merami~
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[LYRICS] サリー – サドマゾヒズム

10 01 2012

Track List
01. enn ~淵~ (enn)
02. サド (Sado)
03. 新規テキストドキュメント (Shinki Text Document)
04. 霊魂ミソロジー (Reikon Mythology)
05. コウモリ (Koumori)
06. L∞p
07. plaza Blue age

Sally – Sadomasochism. I don’t have much to say; it’s a great album overall. More Chata and Merami goodness.
Some of these songs were really challenging. Going to take a break now. @@;
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[LYRICS] EastNewSound – Dione Aggregation

8 01 2012

Track List
01. Steady night
02. Long time ago
03. 星霜輪廻~Repeat~ (Seisou Rinne ~Repeat~)
04. [人]人~ひと~ (Hito)
05. 桜∞friendship (きりん Shining Summer Remix)
  (Sakura ∞ friendship (Kirin Shining Summer Remix))

06. effulgence
07. Star Light
08. I:solation
09. Everlasting
10. 時の檻 (Toki no Ori)
11. Starry heavens
12. Loop Vision

A Ten Desires arrange album… aside from the first track. Not sure why they threw Septette in there, but oh well.
ENS’ previous album was really disappointing, but this one is great. Maybe it’s because of the collaboration with Amateras/Conagusuri? Either way, I’m not complaining.
My favourite track is Seisou Rinne ~Repeat~, but really, most of them are good. Ritsuka is back, but still no sign of nayuta.

My faith in ENS has been restored.
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[LYRICS] Studio “Syrup Comfiture” × Pizuya’s Cell – 君の歌と僕の小さな恋

6 01 2012

Track List
1. 君の歌と僕の小さな恋 (Kimi no Uta to Boku no Chiisana Koi)
2. 星屑 (Hoshikuzu)
3. 不思議の国の… (Fushigi no Kuni no…)
4. 霍雨 (Kaku Ame)
5. 焦堕 (Shouda)
6. Felicitas
7. visions of love
8. 途切れた赤い糸 (Togireta Akai Ito)
9. シンパシー (Sympathy)
10. 星屑 -piano ballad- (Hoshikuzu -piano ballad-)

Syrufit × Pizuya – Kimi no Uta to Boku no Chiisana Koi (Your Song and My Small Love)
I love this album. It’s a lot more soothing than what’d you expect from Syrufit and Pizuya, but it works. My favourite track is by far visions of love, while Sympathy takes a distant second place.

Track 4 – 霍 is the Kaku in Seiga Nyannyan’s name, but the kanji can also be read as “niwaka”. Niwaka ame = rain shower.

I could just listen to visions of love all day long.
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